Prague becomes St. Petersburg – just for a few hours!

St. Petersburg in Jugoslávských partyzánu, Prague 6 © Ricky Yates

Contrary to what this photograph might seem to indicate, we haven’t been on our travels again. We’ve been safely back in Prague for over five weeks since our journey around the Czech Republic in the first two weeks of October.

Believe it or not, I took this photograph about three weeks ago, one kilometre from where we live in the north-western suburbs of Prague. The reason the sign claims that the building is in St. Petersburg, with Cyrillic writing just to make it more convincing, is very simple. For one afternoon and evening, part of the Technical University on Jugoslávských partyzánu, the street that leads from Podbaba where we live, to our nearest Metro station at Dejvická, was turned into a film set!

We didn’t see the filming as setting up was only just beginning to take place when we walked by. But as you can see, there was already a military type vehicle in place with Cyrillic writing on the side, which no doubt featured later in the production. However, if you are very observant, you can also see that it has Czech rather than Russian plates!

Clearly, filming in Prague is both cheaper, and almost certainly easier, than in Russia itself. Sometime next year, we have an idea that we might try and visit St. Petersburg. In the meantime, if I wanted to be dishonest, I could claim that we already have!

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