The Addition of the letter ‘y’

We commence Czech language classes in two weeks time. So at present, we only have a few words of Czech. But going about daily life in Prague, it is noticeable how many English words have entered the Czech language but usually with the addition of the letter ‘y’ on the end. For example, in the supermarket there are signs for ‘snacky’ and for ‘chipsy’. When I commented upon this to a Czech speaking friend, he explained that adding the letter ‘y’ is what makes the word plural. But it does produce some rather humorous results.

A bookshop will have sections that are devoted to ‘Thrillery’ and ‘Detektivey’, whilst nearby you can purchase ‘notebooky’! At the Lekarna (Pharmacy), it is possible to purchase for feminine hygiene purposes, a box of ‘tampony’ whilst I have seen several machines in gentlemen’s toilet and washroom facilities, which will provide you with ‘condomy’. However, the best one I have seen so far was a tabloid newspaper of a similar ilk to the British ‘Sun’ newspaper. It featured a picture of two young ladies showing plenty of cleavage with the headline ‘Sex Bomby’!!!!

These are just a few that I can particularly remember. I’ll report on more in due course.

Update – Sunday February 15th, 2009

I’ve now seen more than one Sports Shop selling ‘snowboardy’ and ‘skateboardy’!!

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