A 21st Century defenestration of Prague?

Temporary Residence - forever!

Temporary Residence - forever!

I blogged previously on 11th March, regarding our ongoing battle with Czech bureaucracy in seeking to obtain our residency permit with respective social security numbers from the Czech Foreign Police. Last week, more than a month after Andrea from the private registration agency had submitted all our signed & notarised forms, apostilled, translated and notarised marriage certificate, certified protocol regarding our flat etc, etc, we got an email saying that all was finally ready. Please would we attend the offices of the Foreign Police on Tuesday 12th May with our passports and health insurance cards, and our residency permit and respective social security numbers would be issued to us.

The offices of the Foreign Police open at 7.30am and we were advised to be there at that time as it would speed up proceedings. Sybille & I are not early morning people, so getting up at 5.30am to get washed, dressed and across Prague to the suburb of Žižkov where the Foreign Police are based, in order to arrive on time, did not fill us with joy. But bus and metro connections worked perfectly and we got there with ten minutes to spare.

As EU citizens, we had been told to use the entrance at the back of the building where there was a lift to the office on the third floor. We found the entrance and the lift but then both dissolved into fits of laughter. There on the wall was a notice in English solemnly declaring that “EU nationals will be dispatched from the third floor”. If you are familiar with European history you will know of the ‘Defenestration of Prague’ which occurred in 1618 and resulted in the Thirty Years War. The victims on that occasion were two Catholic noblemen and their scribe. Were the Czech Foreign Police reviving this old Prague custom with non-Czech EU nationals as their 21st century victims????

On the third floor we met Lenka (Andrea’s agency colleague) who had got third place in the queue. Just before 8am, we signed our papers, were presented with our residency permits and our passports were stamped. But the wording on the stamp clearly indicates the ongoing mentality within Czech bureaucracy in believing that no EU national might actually want to permanently reside in the Czech Republic. We are only granted ‘Temporary Residence’ but it is ‘neomezený’ – forever!

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  • Hi Ricky,
    Congrats to you and Sybille!!!!! That’s one thing less to have to deal with now!!! And I’m happy to hear that there wasn’t really a 21st century defenestration in Prague on the third floor of the Foreign Police!!! :0)

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)

  • Ricky sounds like a result to me. I have to face the annual renewal of my “temporary” extension to stay here soon. I often see “Tinglish” signs around here that bring a smile to my lips.

  • Ricky

    Sher & Mike – thanks for your comments. It is a very good result and one less thing to have to deal with. It will allow me to do other things like getting a Czech registration document and number plates for my car now I can officially prove where I live.

    Mike – by ‘Tinglish’ I presume you mean Thai versions of English. We see lots of ‘Czenglish’ in menus & I keep thinking I ought to write them down when I come across them as they would make for a wonderful future blog post. One that sticks in the memory is a dish described as ‘Pig sacrificed in the pan’!!! I didn’t feel able to order it!

  • Sher

    Hi Ricky,
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    Please let me know if you’re still interested in participating!

    Have a great day!
    Sher :0)

  • Ricky

    Sher – I’ve formerly signed up on your Google website. Yes – I did know about the change for obvious reasons known to you!