The Ludwig-Donau-Main-Kanal (LDM)

LDM Canal sign at Kelheim © Ricky Yates

Not only in recent months has there been a relative absence of blog posts here, even when I have managed to put fingers to keyboard, I’ve only usually written about my house, my long argument with Barclays Bank, or my ongoing ministry at the Dresden Frauenkirche. In times past, I’ve often written about my travels, both within and beyond the Czech Republic. This post is my first attempt to return to doing so.

On the weekend of 13th-14th April, I spent two nights in Regensburg, breaking my long drive from Stará Oleška to Beatenberg, Switzerland, where I attended the ICS Chaplains Conference – Monday 15th – Friday 19th April. On that weekend, my love of canals and inland waterways which I have previously written about . . . → Read More: The Ludwig-Donau-Main-Kanal (LDM)