Fame at last! – The Expats Blog Awards 2012

A spire with wires & lights in Prague © Ricky Yates

I’m not very good at ‘blowing my own trumpet’. I am still amazed that this blog currently gets an average of 70 hits a day and that in less than four years, I’ve written and published 205 posts. But clearly many people enjoy reading what I write and I’m grateful to everyone who kindly leaves comments on what I’ve posted here.

However, a few weeks ago, I received a most surprising email. In fact I was so surprised by what the email said, that it’s taken me some time to initiate appropriate follow-up action. For the email kindly informed me that, “’Ricky Yates – an Anglican in Prague’, has been nominated for the Expat Blog Awards 2012”. As you can see from the badge displayed at the top right-hand corner of my home page, this is now deemed to be a ‘Top Blog’.

One of the judging criteria as to whether I will receive the Gold, Silver or Bronze award, or am just deemed to be an ‘also ran’, will be the comments left on my blog listing at expatsblog.com. Therefore if you enjoy my blog and think it deserves a little recognition, please click on this link, scroll down past the details of my last five posts, the ‘Top Blog’ logo and the existing comments, and in the box below, ‘leave some love’ for my blog.

Please understand that I’m not doing anything underhand by asking you to do this. The competition judges have specifically requested that those bloggers nominated, encourage their loyal readers to leave comments – hence this post 🙂 Please don’t delay – the competition will be judged on 16th December & comments will be closed 24 hours beforehand. Therefore, you have only a little over two weeks to post a few kind words about my blog before the opportunity passes.

Rest assured that I won’t let all of this go to my head. But just occasionally, it is nice to be appreciated 🙂

15 comments to Fame at last! – The Expats Blog Awards 2012

  • Done, Ricky. I now have everything crossed for you…. 🙂

    • Ricky

      Thank you Perpetua – Two weeks tomorrow is judgement day so please keep everything crossed until then 🙂

      And thank you for your kind words which have just popped up on expatsblog.com.

  • The very best thing about this particular contest is reading all of the lovely things people write!

    • Ricky

      Indeed Karen – thank you for your kind words which I have tried to reciprocate today. At least, now you are in Turkey, we aren’t in competition with each other 🙂

  • Ricky, where are all of those people who had such spirited opinions on your last post? Why haven’t they voted yet?

    Dear gentle readers of “Ricky Yates – An Anglican in Prague”: while it would be hard for Ricky to catch up with Chris in Brno and his 55 votes, I dare say, that readers of this blog can make a better showing of voting for Ricky’s blog as one of the best expat blogs in the Czech Republic. Hop to it, people! The link is buried in his post above. Vote!

    • Ricky

      Karen – you ask a very good question! I would some ‘more love’ for my blog. Several people have specifically promised to leave some but their comments have yet to materialise. So folks, if you enjoy my blog, as so many of you tell me you do, please click on the link in this post, scroll down, and publicly say so 🙂

  • Never fear….one blogger with spirited opinions from posts of yore will cast her vote 😉 I did nominate you for the Liebster Blog Award, after all! I’ll tip off Bob and Wandering Pilgrim too, if they haven’t seen this already.

    So…do we all get paid off in Czech currency or British poundage? ;-)”The Lavender Hill Mob” all over again, LOL!

  • Done, too. Thanks for letting me know – with semester ending this week, I did not have much time for browsing the internet recently. 😉

  • Sean

    Well done Ricky, congratulations on your Blog Award, I’m delighted for you. I always read your blogs, unfortunately not always in the same week you write them but I love to hear all your news and views from Prague. Long may you enjoy the fruits of your labours in all your endeavours.

    Slán agus Beannacht Dé ort agus ar Sybille


    • Ricky

      How nice to have you visiting again Sean and thank you for your kind words both in English & those in Irish Gaelic, the latter which I have Google translated 🙂

  • 70 hits a day is no small feat, congrats on the blog award!