Moving to Stará Oleška

The view from the front door of the new home in Stará Oleška © Ricky Yates

Further to my previous post, on Monday 15th May, we moved out of the Chaplaincy Flat in Prague, and into my retirement home in in the North Bohemian village of Stará Oleška. I approached the day with considerable trepidation but in the end, everything proceeded remarkably smoothly.

As promised, three removal men and their truck, arrived promptly at 09.00 at the Chaplaincy Flat. Fortunately the team leader Filip, had quite good English, which certainly aided communication. The main issue was making sure that nothing belonging to the Prague Chaplaincy got carried off into the van, and equally, that nothing belonging to us got left behind. In this respect, the only mistake was an ironing board belonging to the Chaplaincy, ending up in Stará Oleška. I’m returning it tomorrow 🙂

By 11.00, everything was packed, either in the removalists truck, or in the back of the ‘Carly’. Fortunately, the ‘Carly’ travelled faster than the truck, so we reached the new house about half an hour before the bulk of our belongings caught up with us. The task of unloading also proceeded smoothly so that by 16.30, everything was done.

We were particularly grateful for the willingness of the removal men to get a whole lot of boxes, particularly those containing books, into the two small rooms on the first floor. We had visions of being unable to move in the ground floor rooms because of being surrounded by boxes. They also reconstructed our double bed, meaning we had somewhere to sleep comfortably on Monday night.

The past four days since our arrival, have been a mixture of both practical and administrative matters. Aided by our Real Estate agent Martin Tonder, I’ve now signed a lien regarding our water supply which comes from a source on the neighbouring property. This will allow him to finally register the transfer of the property with the regional authorities in the next few days. I’ve also been to the offices of our electricity suppliers to get it into my name and agree how I’m going to pay for it!

On the practical front, we are now able to cook, the fridge and the freezer are plugged in and working, and on Wednesday morning, I successfully plumbed in the washing machine. Four loads have now been washed without any leaks from either the cold water supply or the waste water disposal 🙂

Today, I finally found a suitable wardrobe that will fit into the designated space on one side of the bedroom. There are limitations caused by the relatively low ceiling, a protruding pillar, and allowing for where a door opens. The new wardrobe will be delivered next Thursday, finally allowing the dismantling of these cardboard ones.

Our current hanging clothes storage © Ricky Yates

Of course, having bags and boxes lying around, waiting to be unpacked, have a great attraction to the feline member of our family. My old cricket bag sitting in the enclosed glazed area on the front of the house, with his favourite old towel on top, makes for a very snoozy place to curl up and rest 😉

Šárek’s new favourite sleeping place © Ricky Yates

12 comments to Moving to Stará Oleška

  • Sean Mccann

    Hi Ricky, I’m glad everything went well with the move. I was thinking of you both on Monday and wishing you a smooth and stress free relocation. Looking forward to all the new posts your new home and surroundings will surely inspire. Good luck again and for the moment let sleeping cats lie. 😉

    • Ricky

      Thank you, Sean! As in reply to Pauleen, more posts when we finally have an internet connection at home. And we will certainly let our sleeping cat lie 🙂

  • Anne and Paul

    Glad your move went well, the feline certainly look so settled by the window.
    Good to know that the removal men were so helpful too. Our son and his family moved house recently and the fridge freezer was damaged in the move but removal firm insisted it was not their fault.
    Please keep us up to date. Anne

    • Ricky

      Thank you, Anne. Šárek seems now to like his new home 🙂 We are a long way from unpacking everything but, so far, none of our belongings seem to have suffered during the move.

  • Pauleen Bang

    So pleased to hear that your move went well. What an exciting time this is. Looking forward to more about your new home and your new life in this wonderful blog.

    • Ricky

      Thank you, Pauleen! It will be easier to blog & reply to comments when we finally get internet, rather than relying on wifi at a local bar-restaurant 🙂

  • Robert E. Doolittle

    Hi Ricky: Congratulations on the move. The view from your front door looks very peaceful and green. When it is time for you to go to Dresden to preach, will you be able to drive, or will you still take the train from Decin?

    • Ricky

      Thank you for the congratulations, Bob. It is hard to beat the view from the front door of my new home.

      To answer your question – I can do either. For the first time since moving from Prague, I officiated in Dresden last Sunday evening. I chose to drive the 12 km to Decin hl.n., parked the car and then took the train into Dresden. The big difference now is that I can return home the same evening, rather than staying overnight in Dresden. I left Stará Oleška at 15.30 & was back home at 22.10.

  • Stephen Morris

    I’m very impressed that you were able to post this in the midst of unpacking, so quickly after moving!

    The photo out the front door is impressive as well. Beautiful!

    When can house guests expect to begin arriving?

    • Ricky

      Glad to know you’re impressed, Stephen 🙂 As explained in reply to earlier comments, I posted this via the wifi at the nearby Bar-Restaurace U Soni. I’ve had a visit from the technician but I’m still awaiting the installation of wifi in the house. So I’m replying now whilst drinking my final beer of the evening 🙂 However, I’m still some way yet from being able to have house guests to stay.

  • What a glorious view you have from your new home, Ricky. It sounds like you’re starting to settle in well and it must be good to be able to officiate in Dresden and sleep in your own bed afterwards. 🙂

    • Ricky

      It is hard to beat the view from the front door, Perpetua 🙂 Six weeks on from moving in, I feel I’ve made reasonable progress. There is a hiatus at the moment as I’m currently in the UK for a week from where I’m answering your comment. Getting the kitchen refitted is the task to be tackled, once I get back on Wednesday 5th July.

      You are quite correct. When I officiated in Dresden on Sunday 21st May, I left home around 15.20 but was back again at just after 22.00.