Opening my mouth too soon!

My Renault Scenic in the snow, Saturday 6th March 2010 © Ricky Yates

On Monday 1st March I published a blog post entitled ‘Finally, the snow has melted’ describing how, after seven weeks, the snowfall that started in Prague on Friday 8th January, had all but disappeared. I’m afraid I spoke to soon.

I took this picture yesterday morning, Saturday 6th March, which shows my car parked outside the block of flats where we live. It had started snowing during the night and did not cease until early in the afternoon. Since then, the sky has cleared with a temperature of -10 Celsius being recorded at 6am this morning.  Winter isn’t over yet!

6 comments to Opening my mouth too soon!

  • Ricky, I dont understand how do you manage. The car’s condition looks pathetic. Is there any scope for a closed parking space in your neighborhood?
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  • Ricky

    Alan – There are underground parking spaces associated with our ‘apartment block’ (as you would call it!) but my Chaplaincy didn’t buy one when they bought the flat/apartment just over four years ago because my predecessor didn’t own a car. So the car has to sit outside on one of the parking spaces provided for visitors. Despite the weather, it has started first time whenever we have need to use it which is not very often because of the excellent public transportation system here in Prague.

  • Hello! When my husband and I left Prague for our home in Greece, we were commenting that it was just our luck…winter was over and here we were….leaving! Although we are the hardy types and enjoyed the snowy winter, it was sad to be leaving, thinking that spring was “just around the corner” and we would miss it! Guess nature had another idea!

    Would it help to know that on Paros, which is a small island in the middle of the Aegean…between Athens and Crete…that we are having such depressing weather too….overcast skies with a dark yellow tinge which only means if it rains it will rain Sahara dirt! We live next to the sea and it is very DAMP and WINDY! So WHERE IS Spring hiding?

    Frankly, I would take snow anytime if it meant we could be back in our lovely apartment in Prague! And I know all about that GOOD transportation….it is fantastic!

    Karin from Paros

  • Ricky

    Hi Karin – Nature certainly has another idea. Sunday 7th & today Monday 8th have been fine & sunny but with a very chilly wind. However, some of the snowfall has melted where it has caught the sun. But in the last 20 minutes it has gone very dark and cloudy & guess what? It is snowing again!!!! Like you, I do wonder where Spring is?

  • That is the only thing i dislike about spring – the unpredictability of the weather. I never know how to dress. I will be cold when I leave the house, warm during the afternoon and chilly again when I am going home at night. I guess I just need to keep extra clothes at work or remove and add layers as the day progresses.

    This time of year, snow is not a pretty thing. It has gotten old and tiresome by March!
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  • This is the most problematic thing happens during spring as whole snow covers everything and you cant even see anything and able to walk properly.