Beautiful Gardens and a tale of two Bar-Restaurants

Further to what I wrote in my previous post, last Saturday I totally cleaned the kitchen. Despite our kitchen being somewhat small – it is only an alcove off the sitting room – it took far longer than I was anticipating. Dust combined with grease is far from easy to shift! However, as with the other rooms, the end result has left me with a deep sense of satisfaction.

After a rest day on Sunday, I decided that the office could wait until next week when I’m officially back at work. As always, it is that difficult line of demarcation when one lives on-the-job. What is work and what is domestic? However, as cleaning out the office will in part involve sorting through Chaplaincy papers and filing them, I think that is more work than domestic.

Therefore this week has been more holiday than domestic chores and tomorrow, . . . → Read More: Beautiful Gardens and a tale of two Bar-Restaurants