The tramline from Podbaba to Vítezné námestí has reopened!

Tram 8 at the new Podbaba tram and bus stop © Ricky Yates

Yesterday, for the first time in more than three and a half months, Sybille and I were able to travel from the Chaplaincy Flat to St. Clement’s Church, in one uninterrupted tram journey lasting just 17 minutes. Further to my earlier post entitled ‘Extending and upgrading our tramline’, on Thursday 1st September, the re-laid and extended section of track between Podbaba and Vítezné námestí re-opened.

Here is the new Podbaba tram and bus stop with Tram 8 about to set off for the centre of Prague and then on out to Starý Hloubetín on the eastern side of the city. The new stop is about 200 metres further on from the old one and thus slightly nearer to where we live. Travelling on the tram along the extended and re-laid section of track for the first time yesterday, I certainly noticed a much smoother ride than the one previously experienced.

Although the disruption and mess caused by all this work has been at times quite irritating and frustrating, especially for the poor souls who live nearer to works than we do, there has been a lot of attention to detail with many sections of pavement being re-laid and new pedestrian crossings created. And the area either side of the tramlines has been nicely landscaped with older trees protected and preserved and new ones planted as I hope these before and after photographs will illustrate.

The new tram turning circle under construction with archaeological work in progress © Ricky Yates

New tram turning circle © Ricky Yates


The new tracks of the tramline extension under construction © Ricky Yates

New tram tracks landscaped and in use © Ricky Yates

The existing tram route with old track lifted and new ballast laid © Ricky Yates

New tracks laid and surroundings landscaped © Ricky Yates

Regular and very observant readers of my blog may have noticed that each of the three photographs on the left above, all appeared in a larger format, in my earlier post entitled ‘Extending and upgrading our tramline’. In that post I also included two photographs of the previous Podbaba combined turning circle and tram stop, one taken on the last day it was in use and the second, a few days later. Below are both of those photographs, together with a third showing how the same spot looks now with new tracks going straight through and on to the new tram stop 200 metres further away.

Old Podbaba tram terminus on last working day 15th May 2011© Ricky Yates

And a few days later! © Ricky Yates

Same location on Thursday 1st September 2011 © Ricky Yates

7 comments to The tramline from Podbaba to Vítezné námestí has reopened!

  • Nice pics – the Prague tram system is very, very cool and I love the look of the new “green” track! Of course only the visitor who packs light will be able to take advantage of it 🙂

    • Ricky

      Hi Lis – I love the new ‘green’ track look too. The very green parts are turf – some areas towards Vítezné námestí are soil & grass seed which hasn’t completely taken yet. All visitors will pack light once they’ve read……… 🙂

  • After reading the American media, where government projects and government workers are thoroughly trashed on a daily basis, what a delight it is to come to your blog and read someone appreciating, documenting and commending public servants on their hard work! You are always a pleasure to read, Ricky, and may I add my “Bravo! and Brava!” to the Czech folks who made this happened. It’s pretty,efficient, and admirable.

  • Ricky

    Hi Karen – It is pretty (nice landscaping & everything tidied up), efficient (re-opened on the day they said it would)and therefore admirable. As I blogged at the beginning of 2011, well maintained & ever improving public transport is one of the reasons I like living here.

  • It looks supeb, Ricky, and I look forward to seeing it very soon now 🙂

    • Ricky

      Hi Perpetua – it is superb & the new Podbaba stop is, as you will soon discover 🙂 , a couple of minutes walking time nearer to the flat.

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