A climb to Mariina skála

The new gazebo on the summit of Mariina skála © Ricky Yates

Mariina skála is a prominent rock outcrop, 428 metres above sea level, located north of the village of Jetrichovice, which is in turn, around 12km north of Stará Oleška, the village where I live. Perched on top of the rock is a gazebo forming a viewing platform, with spectacular views across the surrounding area.

Back in late March 2016, I did climb up to Mariina skála as I describe and illustrate in the latter part of this post. But more recently, I have wanted to return for two reasons. Firstly, the weather on that previous visit was somewhat misty, which restricted the views. Secondly, I had seen in local news reports, that a brand new gazebo had been erected earlier this year, replacing its predecessor which had become unsafe.

Therefore, when Monday 6th September dawned fine and sunny, I drove to Jetrichovice and then set out on the red waymarked route, to climb up to the top of Mariina skála. Jetrichovice is around 230 metres above sea level meaning a fairly steep climb of about 200 metres or 650 feet.

Steps on the route © Ricky Yates

More steps on the route © Ricky Yates

In many places, the route is a series of steps cut out of the surrounding sandstone rock as in the two photographs above.

The path to Mariina skála © Ricky Yates

Just occasionally, the path is a little less steep which allowed me to catch my breath 🙂

Gazebo on Mariina skála © Ricky Yates

Here is the first view I got of the new gazebo….

0.2km this way © Ricky Yates

..just before the point where I needed to detour from the red waymarked route, in order to reach the summit.

More steps! © Ricky Yates

This photograph, taken standing on the first section of the viewing platform, shows some of the steps I had to climb to get there. But the spectacular views made the effort in climbing more than worthwhile as I hope the following photographs illustrate.

View from Mariina skála © Ricky Yates

View from Mariina skála © Ricky Yates

View from Mariina skála © Ricky Yates

View from Mariina skála © Ricky Yates

View from Mariina skála looking towards the border with Germany © Ricky Yates

View from Mariina skála with the conical hill Ružovský vrch © Ricky Yates

Jetrichovice from Mariina skála using the zoom function on my camera © Ricky Yates

4 comments to A climb to Mariina skála

  • Stephen Morris

    Beautiful! Keep up the good hiking and photography

    • Ricky

      Thank you, Stephen! Weather permitting, I do plan to continue hiking & I promise to post further photographic evidence 🙂

  • Sean McCann

    Hi Ricky,
    Thanks for the beautiful photographs of the tree clad hills and rolling fields around Jetrichovice. The sunshine and receding blue misty mountains are so atmospheric. A wonderful ‘end of summer’ post to cheer us in the shorter days and darker, cooler nights ahead.
    Thanks again and keep safe Ricky,
    God bless,

    • Ricky

      Hi Sean,
      I thought you would enjoy this post & the accompanying photos as you have previously made very kind comments about my photos of the hills & mountains of North Bohemia. The hills being ‘tree clad’ is such a contrast to the hills & mountains of the UK and Ireland. The only disadvantage is that the trees often block the view. However, with Mariina skála being a protruding rock outcrop with a viewing platform, that problem is overcome. Very glad to have cheered you up 🙂

      Thank you for visiting & commenting again, and for your good wishes.