Finishing touches and next steps

New mirror cupboard and light © Ricky Yates

My apologies once again, for another long pause between blog posts. I was planning to write something back on Tuesday 6th March, only for my laptop to crash whilst downloading a Windows 10 update 🙁 Two days later, I travelled to Berlin for a meeting of the Council of Anglican & Episcopal Churches in Germany (CAECG). Twenty-four hours into the meeting, I went down with a very nasty bout of vomiting and diarrhoea from which it took me a week to recover.

But enough of my ills – this is a short update of further progress with the house.

Having had the previous shower room completely gutted, I had to choose new fitments and then have one of the workmen return to fix them. These included this mirror cupboard above the washbasin, together with towel hooks, a glass holder, and a shelf in the shower for shampoo and shower gel. I also had to have a new shower curtain rod, as the re-built shower room is slightly wider than its predecessor, and the old rod therefore didn’t fit!

This photograph was taken after Sunday 18th February, as that is when the electrician returned to fit the new light I had purchased, above the mirror cupboard. Before that, all I had was a light bulb on the end of a piece of electric wire, sticking out of the wall!

However, as well as fitting the new light, the electrician came with a printed A4 sheet of paper which listed by number, each of the circuit breakers/trip switches that he had fitted, saying in both Czech and English, what part of the electrics each related to. This is another example of how Elefant and their staff have gone out of their way to be helpful to me, the English-speaking foreigner. They will be getting more of my business 🙂

New shower room folding door © Ricky Yates

Finally, on Thursday 22nd February, three men arrived to fit a new folding door, between the kitchen and the shower room. The reason for the delay in fitting it was because it was coming from Italy and the supplier took over two weeks to deliver it to Elefant.

It was only after this folding door was fitted, that Ondrej at Elefant finally sent me an invoice. Although the original agreement mentioned making staged payments during construction, these were never asked for. And when I asked about receiving an invoice, after the bulk of the work was completed, the answer was that they would not issue one, until the shower room door was fitted.

The bulk of my kitchen goods, packed in boxes © Ricky Yates

Until the kitchen was refurbished, the bulk of my crockery, glassware, etc, was stored in these packing boxes, in the room directly behind the kitchen, getting covered in dust! It has been a joy to slowly unpack these boxes, rediscovering what I possess and deciding where everything is to be stored. Before any item has gone in a cupboard, it has first been put through the dishwasher!

The boxes are gone! © Ricky Yates

This room is now clear. My plan is to decorate it to get rid of all the orange 😉 and then get Elefant to fit further matching units along the wall on the right, to store all those things that didn’t fit in the kitchen. I’ve asked for an appointment with Ondrej at the Elefant showrooms, for later this week.

2 comments to Finishing touches and next steps

  • Sean Mccann

    Hi Ricky,
    I’m sorry to hear of your recent sufferings at the ‘hands’ of bugs both bodily and electronic. I was hospitalised due to dehydration following an attack similar to your Berlin experience – it was the only time in my life I almost lost the will to live.

    On a happier note, congratulations on the excellent job you’re having done on Ctyricet Ctyri. Your friend Martin has certainly advised you and steered you well in the tradesmen he has recommended to you, he obviously takes pride in retaining his customers and helping them over the ‘long haul’ rather than seeing them as a quick paycheck. Sadly it is rare to find such kindness and dependability in business today – at least without the sweetener of a consultancy fee or retainer. Wishing you good health for the next stage of your renovations. Happy Easter Ricky.

    • Ricky

      Hello Sean,
      Thank you for your commiserations on my recent sufferings. The electronic bug was fortunately fixed the following day, for the remarkably low cost of CZK 400, by yet another recommendation of Martin Tonder. But whilst I wasn’t hospitalised, the constant diarrhoea for a week left me very weak. It also fouled up my INR level & left me with low blood pressure. I have another appointment with my GP after Easter, to see if these things have resolved themselves naturally, or whether my medication needs to be changed.

      I do feel that I’ve been very fortunate with all the help that Martin has given me. In turn, I have given him several back links on this blog 🙂 Each of his recommendations have proved reliable & Elefant have been especially good. Late yesterday, I received their quotation for fitting new units in the room behind the kitchen. When I’ve finished responding to your comment, I shall be writing an email to accept it.

      Wishing you a Happy Easter Sean!