Finishing touches and next steps

New mirror cupboard and light © Ricky Yates

My apologies once again, for another long pause between blog posts. I was planning to write something back on Tuesday 6th March, only for my laptop to crash whilst downloading a Windows 10 update 🙁 Two days later, I travelled to Berlin for a meeting of the Council of Anglican & Episcopal Churches in Germany (CAECG). Twenty-four hours into the meeting, I went down with a very nasty bout of vomiting and diarrhoea from which it took me a week to recover.

But enough of my ills – this is a short update of further progress with the house.

Having had the previous shower room completely gutted, I had to choose new fitments and then have one . . . → Read More: Finishing touches and next steps

Living in the middle of a building site

The kitchen in advance of moving in © Ricky Yates

My sincere apologies for the for the absence of any new posts here since very early January. The main reason is in the title of this one. On Monday 8th January, I began a period of just over three weeks, living in the middle of a building site.

When I purchased my new home in Stará Oleška, I knew I would need to have the kitchen completely refurbished. As you can see in this photograph, taken after the previous owners had moved out but before we moved in, the only fittings were a sink, one floor unit, three small wall units, together with a wood-burning stove.

When I first viewed the house back . . . → Read More: Living in the middle of a building site