My Diamond Jubilee

Receipt for the renewal for one month of my Prague public transport Open Card.

In 2012, Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Diamond Jubilee – it is sixty years since she ascended to the throne of the United Kingdom. Whilst the major celebratory events to mark Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee are planned to take place on the first weekend of June 2012, in hope they will benefit from warm, sunny British summer weather 🙂 , she actually ascended to the throne on 6th February 1952 following the death of her father, King George VI.

Twenty days later, in the upstairs bedroom of a suburban semi-detached house on the outskirts of the city of Coventry, another significant event took place – I was born. Therefore, just like Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in 2012 I too, celebrate my Diamond Jubilee!

I often wonder whether the day of my arrival in this world was indicative of my future character. I was born on a Tuesday which was the local district midwife’s day-off! Was I being difficult or awkward, right from the beginning? I’ll leave others to judge on that one. At least I did avoid being born three days later. If I had arrived then, I would only be celebrating my fifteenth birthday this year!

My sixtieth birthday is the first of three landmark family events this coming year. At the end of March, my eldest sister June and my brother-in-law Garry, celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary. Then on the last Saturday of July, my son Phillip will marry my future daughter-in-law Charlotte, a ceremony that they have asked me to conduct. I promise that both of these events will feature on this blog in due course.

However, being aware that once my ‘Diamond Jubilee’ had taken place, I would be entitled to cheaper travel on Prague public transport, yesterday I renewed my ‘Open Card’ for just one month rather than for a whole year. But the system was already aware of this forthcoming significant event – the last four days have been given to me at considerably reduced rates. Why? Because I have been categorised as ‘Senior’! Whilst I will continue to complain about Czech bureaucracy, at least it has recognised my Diamond Jubilee.


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  • And remember, Ricky not only cheaper transport, but the zoo for 1 crown! 🙂 Happy birthday when it comes and enjoy your jubilee year.

    • Ricky

      Hi Perpetua – that must rank as the quickest response to a post that I’ve ever had. I think I require nano seconds to measure it 🙂 The zoo is on the agenda from 26th February onwards!

  • Ricky, it popped up on my blog-roll just as I was about to close down the computer for the night, so I couldn’t resist. 🙂

  • Hi, R.Y.! I hope you have a happy celebration of the Queen’s (and your!)Diamond Jubilee.

    I noticed we both follow Wandering Pilgrim, so I wanted to invite you to follow my blog, if you are interested. It mostly covers topics relating to the religious and historical heritage of the UK (as well as my own adventures – LOL!)

    It can be accessed at:

    God Bless,

  • Heather

    Hi Ricky. It’s great to be back in touch with you. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and I shall make a point of following it in future. I’ve already learnt your age so welcome to the Seniors Club. Lucky you getting your senior travel reductions so promptly – the baby boomers back home apparently have to wait until they receive state pensions before they receive their Travel pases. Luckily I got mine as soon as I turned 60 and it is very well used.

    • Ricky

      Hi Heather – I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading my blog. I hope it will give you some idea of the issues that face an English-speaking expat living in the Czech Republic, many of which Lynsey & Johnny will also experience as they settle into their new life in Brno.

      I’m not yet in the Seniors Club – the big day is a week on Sunday when, of course, I also have to work! Here, many things such as public transport, entry into museums etc, are much reduced once you reach 60 & most become totally free on passing 70.

  • Heather

    Glad to know there are some advantages to being over 60 in the Czech Republic. Hopefully we will benefit when we come over. We got in free at Pompeii:-) Looks likely Lynsey & Johnny will have to concentrate on language lessons although like Sybille, Lynsey gets by with German where possible. Lynsey has her TEFL qualification so maybe she can swap English lessons for Czech lessons with someone in Brno.
    What a shame that you are working on your birthday. Never mind, I’m sure the big event won’t go unmarked.

    • Ricky

      You certainly will benefit. Make sure you have your passport with you to prove your age. Anyway, you are meant to have ID with you all the time in the Czech Republic.

      The Czech language is far from being easy to learn. The generally accepted view is that of all European languages, only Finnish & Hungarian are more difficult. It does bear some relationship to German which has four cases. But Czech has seven!!!!!

      As we have discovered, having a combination of English and German helps enormously. Many older educated Czechs speak German. And you generally find more German spoken & understood, the nearer you are to the Austrian or German border. Brno is only 50km from the Austrian border.

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