Oscar 21/03/97 – 23/05/14

Oscar sitting between Sybille's legs on the balcony © Sybille Yates

Oscar sitting between Sybille’s legs on the balcony © Sybille Yates

I have every intention of writing further posts about the ICS Chaplains and Families Conference and my recent visit to family and friends in the UK. But first I have to write a rather sad post regarding our Senior Cat Oscar.

On the morning of Friday 23rd May, just as I was waking up at the home of my sister June and brother-in-law Garry in Bournemouth, I received a text message from Sybille in Prague, asking me to call her ASAP. I knew it must be serious as I believe it is only the second time when I have been away from Prague, that Sybille has contacted me and asked me to get in touch.

When I called, Sybille explained the situation. Oscar had been trying to pass urine but was unable to do so. He was also wincing in pain and had then proceeded to be sick several times over. She wanted my agreement to call the Pet Medic and to ask for Oscar to be put to sleep. Knowing Oscar’s age and how frail he had become, we both knew there was no way he would survive any further operation. It is almost certain that his kidneys had failed so no intervention would have helped. An hour later, I got a another text message to say that ‘Oscar was now with Sam‘.

At seventeen years and two months, Oscar has lived far longer than most cats. He has been a wonderful companion to us since we adopted him from our friends Mike and Nikki Geelan, in April 2007. We are both so thankful that we did hold a little party just a couple of months ago, to mark his seventeenth birthday. The two photographs accompanying this post, were taken by Sybille during the last two weeks of Oscar’s life and help us both to remember his companionship for the past seven years.

Oscar trying to drink Sybille's wine :-) © Sybille Yates

Oscar trying to drink Sybille’s wine 🙂 © Sybille Yates

8 comments to Oscar 21/03/97 – 23/05/14

  • Oh, so sorry to hear that, Ricky. My condolences to you both.

  • Oh, that’s really sad. Having lost cats who were much younger, I won’t even try to comprehend what it’s like to lose one who’s been with you for so long…

    • Ricky

      Thank you Hana. Yes – Oscar has been with us for more than seven years & we knew him before that when he belonged to our friends who asked us to take over care of him. We often referred to him as our ‘substitute child’.

  • Sean Mccann

    Sincere condolences to you both on the death of your dear pet and friend, it is a heart breaking event and just as awful as the death of a human loved one. I’ll be thinking of you and your sorrow.

    • Ricky

      Thank you Sean. You are one of so many people who have been very kind & understanding regarding Oscar’s passing.

  • So very sorry for your loss, Rev. I’ll bet Oscar had a happy and fulfilling life with you. Prayers to you and Sybille.

    • Ricky

      Thank you, Emily. Oscar has been somewhat of a substitute child for the two of us as we don’t have any children together. I think he has had a good life since he came to live with us in April 2007 & has enjoyed his final years as a ‘flat cat’ here in Prague.