A walk from Stará Oleška to Srbská Kamenice

My house & front garden © Ricky Yates






This blog post is an invitation from me for you to join me on one of my favourite walks through the CHKO Labské Pískovce, the landscape protected area in which my new home is situated.




Leaving my front door and heading to the crossroads in the centre of Stará Oleška…..





Malá Oleška © Ricky Yates

……I join a footpath that takes me around this small lake, Malá Oleška……

Olešský rybnik © Ricky Yates

…and then alongside the large lake, Olešský rybnik.

Into the forest © Ricky Yates

Partway alongside the lake, the yellow waymarked route, heads off into the forest, following the valley of the Olešnicka, the stream that flows from the two lakes.

Overhanging rock © Ricky Yates

It passes under this overhanging rock……

Entering Janská © Ricky Yates

….before joining the road at the edge of the village of Janská. On the right of this photograph are some former industrial buildings which are being converted into homes by private individuals. No doubt an inexpensive way to become a homeowner 🙂

The yellow waymark arrow points left © Ricky Yates

At the T junction, the yellow waymark arrow tells me to turn left into the centre of Janská.

The path heading up from Janská © Ricky Yates

Shortly afterwards, the route leaves the road and heads uphill into the forest.

A view worth the climb © Ricky Yates

It is a steady climb for nearly two kilometres but the view at the top makes the effort more than worthwhile.

Signpost at Pod Strážištem © Ricky Yates

Reaching Pod Strážištem, at 396m, the highest point on the walk, the yellow waymarked route heads downhill. Unfortunately, you cannot properly read the sign in this photograph as it is partly obscured by leaves 😉

The yellow route descending steeply from Pod Strážištem © Ricky Yates

The decent is steep! This photograph doesn’t fully convey how steep it is. I always make sure I have my trekking pole with me before taking this route.

Srbská Kamenice with Kostel sv Václav above the village © Ricky Yates

Near the bottom of the decent, by taking a slight detour to the right, you reach a wonderful viewpoint with the village of Srbská Kamenice spread out before you. To the left is this view with Kostel sv Václav above the village on the far side of the valley.

Srbská Kamenice with Ružovský vrch beyond © Ricky Yates

Straight ahead is this view of the village with Ružovský vrch beyond. The yellow waymarked route reaches the centre of Srbská Kamenice, directly opposite the yellow building with a car parked in front of it, which you can see in the bottom left of the photograph. This houses the Tourist Information Centre which has lots of helpful literature, but only in Czech and German. Likewise, the staff only speak Czech or German.

Ve starém kráme, Srbská Kamenice © Ricky Yates

I usually reward myself at the end of my walk with a beer or two and a meal at Ve starém kráme, seen here from the path that leads up to Kostel sv Václav. Whilst there is a shorter and more direct green waymarked route back to Stará Oleška, I normally make sure I’ve finished eating and drinking in time to catch the last bus of the day, back to my front door.

Children and grandchildren

Phillip & Lisa © Ricky Yates

As I mentioned at the beginning of my previous post, during my recent UK visit, as well as attending the Ordination of Deacons service in Sheffield Cathedral, I was also able to spend time with both my adult children and their families. This is a brief photographic family blog post before returning once more, to writing about life in my new home in North Bohemia.

The last time I was with my son Phillip and daughter-in-law Lisa, was on their wedding day, eleven months previously. They have since then, actively taken notice of the third reason that marriage is given, according to the liturgy of the Church of England, ‘as the foundation of family life in which children may be born and nurtured’. This photograph was taken at . . . → Read More: Children and grandchildren

Ordination in Sheffield

With the newly ordained deacon, Rev’d Dagmar Wilkinson © Ricky Yates

I spent from Thursday 29th June – Tuesday 4th July in the UK, staying with my son Phillip and daughter-in-law Lisa, at their home in Nottingham. I was able to spend time with them both and also with my daughter Christa, son-in-law Ian and grandson Finley, at their home in Daventry.

However, on the morning of Sunday 2nd July, I set off early to drive up the M1 to Sheffield Cathedral, in order to attend a service for the Ordination of Deacons. One of those to be ordained was my Czech friend Dagmar Wilkinson.

Dagmar comes originally from Kuncice pod Ondrejníkem in North Moravia but has been living and working in the UK for about seven years. She discovered . . . → Read More: Ordination in Sheffield

Bar-Restaurace U Soni

Beer © Ricky Yates

Three doors down the road from my new home in Stará Oleška, is Bar-Restaurace U Soni. It has been a real find and an absolute godsend since moving here. But if you go online, you will be hard-pushed to find any reference to it at all. It doesn’t have its own website. The building does not appear as a bar-restaurant on any online map.

The one reference I could find, gave the address incorrectly as Stará Oleška 76 when it it should be Stará Oleška 86. Putting the incorrect address into an online map will send you to the completely wrong location. To find the correct location, click on this link.

This blog . . . → Read More: Bar-Restaurace U Soni

Ružovský vrch

Ružovský vrch as seen from above Huntírov © Ricky Yates

Late in the afternoon on Wednesday 31st May, after I had been successfully connected to the internet, I went for a walk in the hills behind Huntírov, in part to find the exact location of the communication mast from which my wireless signal is obtained. But as I looked northwards, beyond Stará Oleška, I became fascinated by this towering conical mountain.

A perusal of my walking map of the area, revealed it as Ružovský vrch, (Rosenberg auf Deutsch), 619m high. My map also indicated that there was a waymarked path to the summit which then descended down the other side. An attitude that dates from my teenage years came to the fore. . . . → Read More: Ružovský vrch