I am connected to the internet and the new house has wifi

Receiving dish being installed, perfectly illustrating the Czech approach to health & safety ūüôā ¬© Ricky Yates

One concern I had from the outset of deciding to purchase my new home in Star√° OleŇ°ka, was whether I would be able to obtain easy internet access. Ever since having an email address and joining the world-wide web, I have always done so via a broadband connection as part of having a landline phone – through British Telecom in North Oxfordshire and via O2 in Prague.

Therefore, back in mid-April, I enquired of Real Estate Agent Martin Tonder, whether the elderly owners of the house, had a land line phone line through which internet access could be obtained. In reply he wrote, ‘Sorry there is no land line, but there should be . . . → Read More: I am connected to the internet and the new house has wifi

Plenty to keep me occupied

The empty sitting room © Ricky Yates

Whilst the inside of the new house was left basically clean and emptied of the previous elderly owners’ possessions, the same cannot be said for the garden, or the various outbuildings. I’ve inherited some quite valuable and useful stuff, but also a lot of rubbish and mess that will take quite a lot of time and effort to sort out.

On the positive side, there was a good supply of cut and split logs for the wood burning stove, (the main source of heating in winter), left stacked in the wooden shed in the back garden. Then there was a further stack of cut logs, sitting at the top of the back garden, clearly the unused part of a supply delivered at the beginning of last winter. Last week, Sybille . . . → Read More: Plenty to keep me occupied

Moving to Star√° OleŇ°ka

The view from the front door of the new home in Star√° OleŇ°ka ¬© Ricky Yates

Further to my previous post, on Monday 15th May, we moved out of the Chaplaincy Flat in Prague, and into my retirement home in in the North Bohemian village of Star√° OleŇ°ka. I approached the day with considerable trepidation but in the end, everything proceeded remarkably smoothly.

As promised, three removal men and their truck, arrived promptly at 09.00 at the Chaplaincy Flat. Fortunately the team leader Filip, had quite good English, which certainly aided communication. The main issue was making sure that nothing belonging to the Prague Chaplaincy got carried off into the van, and equally, that nothing belonging to us got left behind. In this respect, the only mistake was an ironing . . . → Read More: Moving to Star√° OleŇ°ka

Ricky Yates ‚Äď an Anglican no longer in Prague

Packing boxes © Ricky Yates

Ever since I announced that I was going to retire as the Anglican Chaplain in Prague and move to live near the Czech-German border, I’ve been asked both, whether this blog would continue, and if so, would there be a new header and tag line. This post is a definitive answer to both questions.

Whilst we currently are still living in Prague – we don’t move to the new house in Star√° OleŇ°ka until Monday 15th May, I decided this evening, to ask Sybille to upload the new header that she had created at my request some days previously, in anticipation of the forthcoming change.

The new header is a combination of two photographs of . . . → Read More: Ricky Yates ‚Äď an Anglican no longer in Prague

Time to say Goodbye

Leading worship on Sunday 30th April 2017 © Sybille Yates

Today I conducted my final service at St Clement’s Anglican Episcopal Church, Prague. After nearly twenty-eight years of full-time ordained ministry, I have retired.

I really didn’t quite know what to expect today. But during the week beforehand, I decided to prepare for worship just as I have done previously week by week, for over eight and a half years since arriving Prague in September 2008.

My sermon was therefore based on the Biblical readings set in the Revised Common Lectionary for the Third Sunday of Easter. – in particular the resurrection appearance of Jesus to the the two disciples on the road to Emmaus as recorded in Luke 24. 13-35, together with the end of Peter’s sermon on . . . → Read More: Time to say Goodbye