The third member of our family

Oscar striking an interesting pose whilst asleep © Ricky Yates

As I have written previously on this blog, not only did Sybille and I move to Prague in September 2008, so did our adopted cat Oscar. From time to time we get enquiries as to how Oscar is adapting to his new life in Prague. So I decided it was time to devote a blog post specifically to Oscar.

Like most cats, Oscar spends the vast majority of his time either sleeping or eating. I took the photo on the left this morning, when he adopted a rather interesting pose whilst sleeping on the double bed in our guest bedroom. Of course, as far as Oscar is concerned, it isn’t the guest bedroom, it is Oscar’s bedroom! Whenever we have visitors to stay overnight, we have a major exercise in advance of their arrival, removing cat hair from both beds in the guest bedroom.

The big difference for Oscar between living in a detached Rectory in North Oxfordshire and living in a second floor flat in the suburbs of Prague, is that he can no longer go outside and explore and supplement his diet with field mice and baby rabbits. Instead, he has become a ‘flat cat’. Overall he has adapted fairly well to this change, helped by the fact that in cat terms, he is now quite old. He will celebrate his thirteenth birthday next month. However, it must be said that quite frequently, his behaviour is what you might expect from a far younger cat. For example, he still quite regularly chases his own tail!

If you want to know more about Oscar and his life history, then I am instructed to provide a back link to Oscar’s own blog. It does need some updating but then, like everything else in Oscar’s life, he relies on his human slaves, (aka Sybille and me), to do it for him.

One of Oscar’s most recent habits has been, not just to sleep on top of the duvet on one of the beds in the guest bedroom, but under the duvet. Sometimes there is little more than a large bump in the duvet with a small amount of black and white fur protruding. The two photos below are good examples of this latest trend. You have to admit that he does look remarkably cute!

Oscar under the duvet © Ricky Yates

Oscar under the duvet © Ricky Yates

9 comments to The third member of our family

  • Oscar sure is cute in these pictures! 🙂 It’s great to hear that Oscar has taken to becoming a flat cat! I enjoy Mr. Oscar–he’s got so much personality! And he is so cute under the duvet! 🙂

    Have a great day,
    Sher 🙂

    PS Hope you “slaves” are doing OK and feeling better!
    .-= Sher´s last blog ..The Synchronicity and Connectivity of God =-.

  • Ricky

    Hi Sher & thank you for visiting. Oscar says thank you too, especially when you call him Mr. Oscar 😉 And yes, he does look so cute under the duvet.

    The female slave is recovering; the male slave is now suffering with what the female slave passed on to him.

  • Hey Daddy! That is sooo nooo true! I do lots of things other then sleeping and eating, like for example, eh, getting you up at 04:00 in the morning to feed me, hehehe!
    Oscar, your one and only, most important cat!

    PS Thanks for the back link! I see, Mummy taught you well. Now tell her to get over and help me with my blog, pretty please 😉
    .-= Oscar the Expat Cat´s last blog ..Oscar here – I am back! =-.

  • Ricky

    Oscar – I’ll have a word in her ear!

  • Hi Ricky,

    Oscar is very cute and I wonder if he purrs a lot.

    His eyes in the picture where he’s under the duvet seem to have blue pupils.

    I wonder if that’s a reflection of something or if that’s the real color of his eyes.

    Cats are also said to spend a lot of time cleaning themselves. Is Oscar like that too?

    .-= Vance@Learn List Building´s last blog ..Alex Jeffreys Marketing With Alex Las Vegas Workshop 2010 =-.

  • Ricky

    Hi Vance – Oscar it cute and yes, he does purr a lot when he is feeling happy. The centre of his eyes are actually black rather than blue so I think that blue colour in the last photo is a reflection of some sort.

    Besides sleeping and eating, Oscar does spend quite some time cleaning himself and ensuring that all his fur is exactly in the correct place!

  • Oscar is so cute, adorable and huggable. I love his blue eyes. It reminds me of our pet named Ming. Ming is so sweet every time I watch movie she always kiss my feet and she play shoe laces. I miss her so much thanks for reminding me of my lovable pet. More power to your site ! God bless 😉

  • So jealous!! I want a cat but my husband is allergic to them!! 🙁
    .-= Porsche´s last blog ..The Fuel Efficient 2011 Ford Mustang =-.

  • Oscar is so cute!he remind me of the cat i used to have when i was young.his name was jon just like your cat with white & black stripe & he used to follow me around wherever i go.i miss him so much…..:(