Prague Zoo

A ring-tailed lemur in Prague Zoo © Ricky Yates

Prague Zoo has always been one of our favourite places to visit on my ‘day-off’, ever since we moved to the Czech Republic nearly four years ago. It isn’t really feasible to see everything in one visit and, depending on the time of year, different animals and birds are more willing to show themselves each time we visit. And all the time, there are new developments at the zoo, some being the result of ongoing repairs to the damage caused by severe flooding in August 2002. Realising that we hadn’t visited Prague Zoo at all in 2012, we put it on our ‘staycation to visit list’ and we duly visited once more on Wednesday 18th July.

Prague Zoo is located directly across the Vltava River from where we live. Part of the fun of visiting it is the journey to get there. Why? Because there is no bridge across the river for many kilometres. Instead, we have to take the ferry.

On the western side of the river where we live, the little jetty from where the ferry leaves is two stops away on the bus. Then on the other side, it is a similar distance to the zoo entrance but with a much less frequent bus connection. So sometimes it is quicker just to walk. The ferry itself is quite tiny but as you can see, it still proudly displays a sticker to say that it is part of Prague’s integrated transport system!

The little ferry returning across the Vltava River © Ricky Yates

On board the ferry – part of Prague’s Integrated Public Transport System © Ricky Yates

Upon our arrival at the zoo entrance, we discovered two significant changes since our last visit in 2011. Firstly, the cost of a standard adult entrance ticket had gone up by 33.33% from CZK 150 to CZK 200. Secondly, the definition of being ‘senior’, allowing admission for CZK 1, had been altered from being 60 or above, to being 70 or above. Those of us aged between 60 and 69 were instead allowed in for the slightly reduced price of CZK 150.

An elephant enjoying his late lunch in his new enclosure at Prague Zoo © Ricky Yates






One new feature since our last visit was a freshly completed new home for the elephants. As you can see, it does look rather bare though no doubt it will be landscaped more in due course. Fresh fruit had just been scattered in the enclosure as we arrived and shortly afterwards, this character was allowed out of his house and was busy picking up the fruit off the ground with his trunk and putting it into his mouth.






An Emu resting comfortably in Prague Zoo © Ricky Yates

In the Australian section of the zoo, the kangaroos and wallabies were grazing in the farthest corners of their enclosures and were therefore somewhat difficult to see. But as usual, this emu seemed very happy to be observed sitting down quietly and enjoying the sun.

The zoo occupies a somewhat unusual site. Parts of it are relatively flat alongside the Vltava River whilst other sections are up on top of a hill overlooking both the river and the city of Prague.

The view from Prague Zoo towards Rezidence Podbaba © Ricky Yates

This view from the top of the hill looks directly across the Vltava River to Rezidence Podbaba, the development where the Chaplaincy Flat is located. On the left is the newly opened Kaufland supermarket, easily identified by the ‘K’ logo, whilst behind the apartment blocks is the Juliska Stadium, the home of FK Dukla Praha. In preparation for the new football season which begins next weekend, the club are obviously renewing the seating in the main stand which is why it says ‘ukl’ rather than ‘Dukla’ 🙂

An Owl in Prague Zoo © Ricky Yates

No visit to Prague Zoo is complete for me without visiting my favourite residents – the owls. I find them such attractive and fascinating creatures. I particularly admire the way they turn their heads so they can see in virtually every direction without moving their bodies. Because of the netting that surrounds each of their enclosures, it isn’t very easy to get a clear photograph of any of the various owls in the Prague Zoo collection. So I was particularly pleased with this one of an Owl, looking half asleep but almost certainly, very wide awake!














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  • That takes me back to our very enjoyable visit to Prague Zoo last autumn, Ricky. Poor you, having just got to the age for the CZK1 entrance fee only to see it snatched away from you 🙁 I was lucky…..

    • Ricky

      Yes Perpetua – I knew you had enjoyed your Prague Zoo visit last year so I thought you would enjoy this post. Yes – I was most frustrated to discover the benefits of turning 60 had been much reduced since the beginning of the year. On Monday of this week when we visited the Botanical Gardens adjacent to the Zoo, a similar change had taken place. Again one had to be 70+ to get entry for CZK 1 but at least being between 60-69 I got half-price (CZK25 rather CZK 50).

  • Ricky, I don’t know what’s happening, but again I’m not getting your replies to my comments on your last 3 posts, even though I’m subscribed to each post and have received any subsequent comments and replies. Knowing that you always reply, I’ve just been back to catch up.

    Puzzled of Normandy

    • Ricky

      Perpetua – I’m in Brno at present & picking up your comment via my laptop. I’ll ask my technical expert to look at the problem when we both get back to Prague tomorrow evening. As always I’m grateful for your concern & alerting me to the problem.

  • How odd! I got this reply immediately, Ricky, and yet I know that the others didn’t get through. Not sure it helps to know that, but I thought I should tell you anyway. 🙂

  • […] So our journey to get there on Monday 23rd July was exactly the same as the one I described in my earlier post about our visit to the zoo. We had only visited the Botanical Garden once previously, about three years ago, and it proved to […]

  • A Czech girl’s favourite part of this post: seeing the ferry is named Ropucha, i.e. “Toad”. But the word itself has a certain very funny ring to it in Czech, which is why I’m so amused by it.
    I have not been to the Prague Zoo in ages, and the continually rising entrance fee is one of the reasons.

    • Ricky

      Hello Hana – and thank you for this comment & a spate of others on different posts, to all of which I will shortly try to reply. I hadn’t even thought to find out the meaning of the name of the ferry. But as it is quite small and crosses water, ‘Toad’ is probably quite appropriate!